The Funyarinpa
I want to make a Yume Nikki fangame, but…

I don’t know very much about the process of making them…

I got RPGMaker 2000, but I don’t even know where to start!

Could someone please help?

Original Side

Her sister was Sabitsuki.

As Urotsuki continued to explore her dreamscape, she eventually came across the town that she had tried to forget for so long… 

It had been five years since she lived there. Back then she still thought her parents worked at NASU, but she was wrong. Her parents were fired due to the large amount of danger their project would cause for the world if it was successful. 

They were trying to connect the theoretical realm of dreams to real life, and they wouldn’t allow anyone to tell them to do otherwise. Not even their children could get in the way….

Sabitsuki was the first test subject. They tried to use a program to show her other people’s dreams, and they were somewhat successful. However, as Sabitsuki got closer to the other dreams, they started to warp and become more like their original forms. As things got worse Sabitsuki’s mind slowly deteriorated, but she still eventually broke down her door and tried to leave through the elevator… however her attempts to escape were unsuccessful. She had her lower limbs hacked off by a person in a maid outfit wearing a Gas-mask, and her sister Urotsuki had just discovered the truth behind her parent’s job. In a blind rage the ten year old girl grabbed a crowbar sitting on the floor in the room, and beat her parents to death with it, breaking the storage tubes behind them. After finding her sister again, she realized that her sister alongside all of the other “patients” had already been infected with the first version of the Nightmare Virus. So the young girl decided to use the cryogenic storage devices to lock all of the patients away, and then her sister. After thinking it through again, she realized that the Nightmare Virus must have escaped when she murdered her parents….

She still needed to find a cure!  

But then it hit her. 

The virus brought dreams to life, so what if someone were to dream of eradicating the virus? 

And then she woke up. 

She was laying in a hospital bed, and her sister Sabitsuki was staring at her with a smile on her face.

Sabitsuki: “Thank god!” 

Sabitsuki: “You have been out for twenty-four days!”

The girl tilted her head to her right and saw Madotsuki.

Madotsuki: “I’m so happy you’re okay!” 

Both girls hugged their sister at that moment. 

Sabitsuki: “So, what did you dream about?”

Urotsuki: “Nothing….”

"Opposite Side"

I had an idea for a story today.

An idea involving this brilliant Youtube video….

A meteor crashed into the Earth, spreading a dangerous “Virus” throughout the entire world, turning everything on earth into nightmarish monsters. but one out of every million human beings was immune to the Virus.

A teenage girl named Madotsuki was not one of them. After coming across one of the victims, she was infected.

Her parents took her with them to an apartment, and they hid there for twelve days.

On the twelfth day, her parents infections had grown severely and her mother had already become a Nightmare and proceeded to drag her father away.

So she lived on her own for another twelve days, holding the virus back with Narcotics her father gave her before he was taken away, and continued writing about the strange dreams she had been having after she was infected.

Eventually she started noticing connections between the dreams she was having and the outside world, and how easy it was to travel between the two,

which lead to her realizing that her “Dreams” were actually several incomplete sections of a parallel world containing every living things subconscious, and that the Nightmare Virus was connecting the two planes.

After writing all of her theories and experiences over those twelve days down, she noticed a blonde-haired girl wearing a plaid dress standing on her balcony down the street, so she decided to give the girl her Diary as a final hope for civilization before she became a Nightmare herself. Madotsuki grabbed a kitchen knife to fight the Nightmares off with, opened her door, and ran down the street towards the other girl’s home, the other girl didn’t notice her coming. 

She reached the door to the other girls house, and rang the doorbell. The mysterious girl poked her head out of the door and she saw you. Thinking you were a human because you were hiding your visibly affected parts, she instantly grabbed you by the hand and pulled you into her apartment. You proceeded to explain your situation to her, and she understood. She told you that her name was Urotsuki and that her parents were scientists working at NASU before they died. She was also one of the only people immune to the virus, and decided to use a device to make her capable of receiving any virus in existence to infect herself with your virus.

She then proceeded to lock you in cryogenic storage next to her sister while she explored her side of the Dreamscape…. 

To be continued.

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